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Important NPCs

Lady Kazandra – A young woman who owns one of the more risque clubs in the city of Martira Bay.  Known to be some sort of charmer (either a vampire or a succubus), she met with the players and left them wanting for more.  Although she is may not have anything more to do with the group, she might still have a voice in what is to come.

​​​​​​​The Professor – A collector of strange and unusual items, this man purchased three of the player's paintings and hung them on the wall of his home.  Although the characters have figured out that he might be a were-gorilla, they still are afraid to offer him a banana.  He seems to be a bit uptight and arrogant but still willing to help out.

"S" – A mysterious figure that was noted on the letter that the group found during their adventures at the asylum.  S and their mysterious benefactor stated that the group was turned over to the good graces of the asylum after their use had come to an end.

Ulver – A painter of some renown that the heroes seem to be nothing more than 'figments of his own imagination'.  The PCs seem to be in fact paintings that have come alive that were created by Ulver and used by S sometime in the past.

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